Crypto and Fintech writing

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I am an expert crypto, fintech, finance, and technology writer. You can hire me to write your crypto, fintech, finance, or technology article for you. My previous work speaks for itself. (Samples are available on request.)

I am currently a crypto journalist for Moneyweb, a publication with approximately 700,000 visitors a month. I have also contributed to Nordic Fintech Magazine and am often called upon to cover fintech and crypto events in the Nordics.

My other business writing has appeared in Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Forbes, and other publications.

I was a software developer for 17 years and so cover technical articles extremely well.

My client base is predominantly in the US and I am therefore available until about 5pm East Coast time each day. I’m also available all day on Central European Time.

When not doing journalistic work, I ghostwrite articles for businesses on a freelance basis. “Ghostwriting” means that I write the article, and the business publishes it under its CEO’s or someone else’s name.

I have worked extensively with entrepreneurs and startups. I understand the high-paced and high-pressure startup culture very well.


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