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I was a software and web developer for 17 years and do well with tech subjects. I also write about crypto, finance, business, real estate, investment, and other subjects. 

Table of Contents


I write almost everything, including:

  • Blog articles
    • Short articles (<1,000 words)
    • Medium-length articles (between 1,000 and 2,000 words)
    • Long articles (>3,000 words)
    • Business Articles
    • Personal Articles
  • Video Scripts
  • Demand generation eBooks
  • Lead generation eBooks
  • Webinar content
  • Marketing copy
  • Social Media Posts
  • Social media profiles
  • Website landing pages
  • Website content pages (e.g. “About Us” pages)
  • Press releases
  • Business books and eBooks
  • Fiction novels
    • All subgenres of romance
    • All subgenres of horror
    • Mystery and Thriller
    • Drama
    • All subgenres of fantasy
    • And others
  • Non-fiction books
    • Memoirs
    • Business brand awareness books
    • How-To Books


AI has changed everything. I no longer keep pricing on my website because pricing depends heavily on:

  • If you want a human-written article, or AI-assisted one.
  • If ChatGPT could deliver what you need (all ChatGPT content needs to be humanized to pass AI detectors. I offer this service.)

Some articles simply can’t be written by ChatGPT. And others aren’t worth paying for a human to do (unless you insist).

Let’s discuss! Please contact me.