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For crypto and finance pricing and services, please go here.

For technology writing (programming tutorials included), please go here.Β 


I write almost everything, including:

  • Blog articles
    • Short articles (<1,000 words)
    • Medium-length articles (between 1,000 and 2,000 words)
    • Long articles (>3,000 words)
    • Business Articles
    • Personal Articles
  • Video Scripts
  • Incentive eBooks (i.e. “Get this book free if you sign up for my newsletter!”)
  • Webinar content
  • Marketing copy
  • Social Media Posts
  • Social media profiles
  • Website landing pages
  • Website content pages (e.g. “About Us” pages)
  • Press releases
  • Business books and eBooks
  • Fiction novels
    • All subgenres of romance
    • All subgenres of horror
    • Mystery and Thriller
    • Drama
    • All subgenres of fantasy
    • And others
  • Non-fiction books
    • Memoirs
    • Business brand awareness books
    • How-To Books


The following are my “standard” prices. Depending on the project, they sometimes vary.

All prices are inΒ USD.

  • For crypto and fintech article pricing please go here.
  • For tech article pricing please go here.
  • For financial article pricing please go here.
  • All other topics: 1,000-word blog posts: $250 (Thought pieces are sometimes more expensive, as well as highly technical subjects.)
  • 1,000-word Entrepreneur articles: $350 (This does not include publishing. You must have an Entrepreneur Leadership Network membership to publish.)
  • 1,000-word Forbes Council article: $450 (This does not include publishing. You must have an active Forbes Councils Membership to publish.)
    • Discounted rate of $350 for the first article.
  • Fashion and beauty introductory offer price: $150 per 500-word article. (This is a new venture. Please contact me for details.)
  • 2,000-word megaposts: $500
  • Physical Letter Mailings:Β Pricing details on this page.
  • Email copy (250 words, including subject and preview text): $150
  • Lead magnet books (text only): $500 for 2,000 words and $1,500 for 8,000 words.
  • Full-length books (fiction and non-fiction): Individually quoted. Please read this for more insight on these types of projects.
  • Social media: Price varies. I usually only offer this in combination with blogs or other items listed above.

I sometimes offer bulk discounts.

All pricing is negotiable to some degree. (Please read this to understand why.)

More complex articles requiring intensive research are more expensive.

Novels and books are quoted on individually, and the price is highly variable. I try and make my pricing competitive.

I offer high-quality writing.

My goal isΒ long-term business relationships, not making a quick buck. The lengthier the project, the more likely my quote will be competitive. I am competent and easy to work with.

Please contact me to discuss your project.