Frequently Asked Questions

I am building a business, not looking for "gigs". I delve into your business and seek to understand it completely so that I can write authoritatively on the subject. I focus on bringing you ROI, because if my writing makes you a profit, I'll likely get repeat business from you. You can read more about why I'm a good choice to write for your business here.
It depends on how much time you have on your hands. I can either research a topic myself or receive input from you. Articles in which you give me input are likely to be of much higher quality than articles I research myself. They are also cheaper. More info here.
Books are enormous tasks. We should chat on the phone about it.
Pricing for ghostwriting full-length novels is a lot more complicated than writing articles. If I think your book has a chance of interesting literary agents and publishers, I'll take a risk on your project and charge you less but share in the royalties. If not, we'll work out a price that we are both comfortable with. Either way, a full-length book is never less than a few thousand quid. As a general rule, fiction is cheaper than non-fiction, but the pricing is highly variable.
Pricing varies per project and is highly negotiable. Either way, my minimum rate is $0.15 per word for 1,000 words. Please see my pricing page for details.
Pricing varies per project. It depends mainly on how much research I have to do, how much input you can give me, and how complex the subject might be. You can read a full explanation of it here.
I have written about very many different subjects. My operating basis is entirely different from other writers. I delve into your subject matter and learn as much as I can about it so that I can write authoritatively on the subject. This way, I constantly expand my knowledge, making future projects easier. None of the initial research costs falls on you if the subject you need written about is not familiar to me.
For the best chances at SEO, it's 3,000+ words. I rarely quote for articles that are shorter than 800 words. Most of the articles I write for clients on a budget are approximately 1,000 words. This amount strikes a good balance between SEO and affordability.
If you are in the UK or in Germany, you can pay into a local bank account. Otherwise, you can either do an international transfer or pay by Credit Card.
No, sorry. Remember β€” you get what you pay for.
Pricing is highly negotiable β€” but I'm afraid that my absolute minimum rate of $0.15 per word is not. It is simply not viable for me to work for such a low rate because the quality of the work suffers, and the only thing which sets me apart from other writers is the exceptional quality of my work. If I start reducing my quality, I simply cannot compete in my field.
All pricing is negotiable. There are ways to make a project cheaper without reducing its quality. And, if you are interested in long-term work, we can certainly come up with an arrangement that we are both comfortable with. Give me a call or email me to chat about it.
If you're serious about getting a novel written, and understand that publishers are businesses who are looking for a product that they can sell to the masses so as to recoup their expenditure and make a profit, call me. I will explain the publishing business to you and work out with you the best way forward for your novel so that it has the best possible chances of turning a profit.

To insist that a ghostwriting contract makes guarantees about being published or hitting bestseller lists is ludicrous.

I'm a professional writer, and I want to deliver an excellent product to you. Of course I want your book to be published. Of course I want it to be a bestseller! Imagine the work I'd get if I could tell people I had just written a bestseller!

There are realities to be faced in this matter, and we should go over them on the phone before you or I commit to such a large project.
I have written for very many industries, including:
  • Business development
  • Ultra high-net-worth Individuals
  • Property development and investment
  • Real Estate
  • Accounting
  • Software development, web development
  • Cryptocurrency, blockchain, DLT
  • Gaming and iGaming
  • Independent consultants
  • Insurance
  • Marketing
  • C-Suite execs
The list is always growing.
  • American English
  • British English
  • South African English
If it's for your 90-year-old Nana, give me a call. I'm sure we can work something out for her!