Financial writer for hire

If you’re looking specifically for a crypto/fintech writer, please check out my crypto/fintech services page.Β 

I am a financial writer for hire with a specific focus on US markets. I also do well with general investment and financial topics that are not location-specific. I have also done extensive real estate investment writing (all US-based).

I am a financial journalist for Moneyweb, an online investment publication with approximately 700,000 visitors per month.

I have written financial articles on everything from options strategies to investment scams to personal finances to the US’s rising inflation rate.

I do particularly well with opinion pieces where I take your view of a subject and build on it to make the piece more compelling.

Pricing β€” Financial Writer for Hire

Pricing for financial articles generally varies between $250 and $500 for 1,000-word pieces. The more technical the article, the higher the price. The same applies to longer articles.

Discounts are sometimes available for long-term projects.

Reach out to me and let’s discuss your specific financial writing needs.