Hiring a crypto writer

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Even though 2022 seems to have been the armageddon of crypto, the fact is that this new asset class is here to stay. People who are unfamiliar with the topic believe that crypto is only about Bitcoin and investment. But any crypto writer knows how revolutionary the technology of blockchain and distributed ledgers is, and knows that this tech isn’t going anywhere.

Blockchain projects come and go, but the technology of blockchain is here to stay. And, just as happened in the dot com bubble burst, the companies that mean business will weather the current storm and become the players that stay long after the storm is over.

When I started writing about crypto, Bitcoin was skyrocketing. But by the time I wrote my first journalistic article about crypto for Moneyweb, the world had already seen nearly $1 billion worth of crypto bridge hacks in the previous 12 months. And Bitcoin was already starting its nosedive.

Many of us hoped for months that the nosedive would come to an end, but it didn’t. The FTX debacle didn’t help those who were already on the fringes about crypto investment.

But crypto is so much more than coins and tokens. Regardless of what happens to Bitcoin, blockchain technology will forever remain. Smart contracts have revolutionized multiple industries, and investment in blockchain projects continues to bear fruit for savvy investors.

Promoting blockchain/crypto projects through excellent content

My experience with the crypto companies that I’ve worked with is that few of them dedicate enough time to creating content for their project. The hard truth is that none of them have the time.

The other hard truth is that most of them think too “technically” to write anything meaningful.

The breakneck speed of the crypto industry means that crypto startups must hustle faste to get their feet in the door. No one has time for creating content in the middle of that.

But in order not to alienate potential investors who don’t know much about crypto, the articles written need to be written in such a way that they include the most levels of understanding.

I’ve written highly technical articles on crypto and also very general articles. The highly technical ones are only for initiates and block out people who are not experts in the subject. They have their place, but a better option is to write the article in a way that more people can understand it.

Writing about crypto “for the masses”

I learned to write crypto articles “for the masses” when I started writing for Moneyweb because their readership is primarily investors who are new to the crypto sphere. I’ve also done writing for various blockchain technology companies, like one company in the UK that had a blockchain solution to make solar power energy production more transparent. People who don’t understand crypto would need a bit of an explanation about what blockchain is before understanding anything about that particular product.

This can be challenging because you want to tell people about your product as fast as possible but you also need to make sure people don’t immediately associate your blockchain project with all the bad news they might have read about crypto. It’s important to quickly make crypto a “safe” subject.

This takes quite some skill. But it can pay off hundreds or thousands of times over if people (1) find your article because it was written with all basic SEO principles in mind and (2) understand your article and so end up signing up for your service.

Here are some places to look for good crypto writers to write about your new crypto project or startup:


Searching LinkedIn for “freelance crypto writer” or “crypto writer” will provide you with a number of high-quality leads that might be useful as writers for your crypto project or startup.

If you’re willing to pay a bit of money, you can also sign up for LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator which lets you hone your searches very finely.


Even if you don’t have a lot of followers, Twitter is an excellent place for posting writing jobs. Most writing jobs get picked up quickly by Sonia Weiser who puts out a bi-weekly newsletter of writing jobs for people. Posting on Twitter can sometimes result in an overwhelming number of responses  so you must be ready to wade through the deluge because not every writer will be as qualified as the rest.

Pro tip: Include what you’re willing to pay per article when posting on Twitter. (Hint: Pro crypto writers usually won’t charge less than $250 per 1,000-word article.)

Look on Fiverr

There are plenty of excellent crypto writers on Fiverr. Try deal only with Seller Level Two or Top-Rated Sellers as these have proven their worth on the platform and have built a reputation for reliable delivery.

There’s even a special level called Pro Seller. These are people who make a living doing the job they are advertising on Fiverr and they must go through a rigorous vetting process to qualify as a pro seller.

(FYI, You can find my Pro Seller Level Two Fiverr Profile here — and here is my crypto writing gig if you’re interested.)

Ask other crypto professionals

The beauty of the crypto industry is the help that crypto professionals are willing to give each other. Although a direct competitor with an incredible writer on hand is unlikely to feed you the name, there are plenty of other people and professionals who will.

Look for excellent crypto blogs

I’ve done quite a bit of ghostwriting on various crypto and NFT blogs. There are quite a few excellent ones around. By googling for info on crypto in general and checking the results, you can start to see which of those results often come from the same blog(s). If you like what you read in those articles, you can then contact those blogs to ask if they’d be willing to write for your crypto blog for a fee.


Of course, no list would be complete without mentioning Discord groups for NFT, crypto, and metaverse projects. The only reason I mention this last is because these people tend to be very involved in the technical side of new projects and so might not be able to write generally enough to appeal to everyone. A good option might be to ask for referrals in the Discord group.

What is a fair price for a crypto writer?

All writers charge different prices but professional writers tend to stay above a certain limit. If your crypto writer wants to charge you less than $250 per 1,000-word article (in 2022), then I would have strong doubts that they have a strong enough portfolio to be reliable. A closer price would be $350 for general articles, and possibly even $500 for more technical articles or articles heavy on interviews.

Longer articles and articles with custom graphics are also likely to cost more. But longer articles tend to be better for SEO, generally speaking.


R. Paulo Delgado is a crypto journalist and fintech writer with bylines in Moneyweb, Insider, Entrepreneur, and other publications. His ghostwritten work has also appeared in Forbes. You can contact or hire him here